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We pride ourselves in being an exceptional clinic where your kids come first

ONE STOP: Allied Health & Medical Centre (OSAH) is a clinic-based intervention service that provides Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology & specialised literacy support services to families across Sydney. OSAH is the sister company of Educational Speech Pathology & Therapy Services which provides school based support www.educationalspeechpathology.com.au

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  • Make an Appointment : 8734 3065
  • manager@OSAH.com.au


  • Family centred group therapy programs
  • Family centred education programs
  • Multidisciplinary assessment clinics
  • Preschool & School visits
  • Preschool, School, Secondary school workshops and demonstrations
  • Caring, family centred advice, support & co-ordinated team management
  • ONE STOP: Allied Health & Medical Centre
  • Speech Pathology ,Occupational Therapy, Psychology & specialised Literacy support

  • 102 Nuwarra Rd, Cnr Maddecks Ave Moorebank
    Car park entrance Travers Rd
  • 8734 3065
  • manager@OSAH.com.au