Mouthfuls of progress

At One Stop Allied Health and Medical Centre, we offer a multidisciplinary, individualised feeding clinic for all our families.

When a child finds eating difficult (which could be for many reasons) the whole family’s meal times are affected. Stress levels rise for both the child and the parents and commonly other siblings will follow suit. There may not be any reason for the siblings to become fussy, but they copy and frustratingly follow the same path.

We understand how difficult this is and we can help parents and children through the process – even when all other attempts have been taken. Don’t give up!

Feeding difficulties can occur for many reasons, which is why we have a multidisciplinary team ready to help you. Our Occupational Therapist addresses sensory concerns that may be present, our Speech Pathologist addresses oral motor concerns, our Psychologist addresses the anxiety and psychological aspects and we have a dietitian as well for nutrition consultations.

As well as our multidisciplinary individualised programs we also offer after school feeding groups to help children use social aspects and group encouraging to progress their feeding.

Please contact our reception staff to book in your individualised assessment

What services do we offer?

Our feeding programs offer a vast number of services, including but not limited to:

* Child Assessments

* Home Programs

* Multidisciplinary Sessions

* Individualised Programs

* Group sessions

* Psychology Therapy Blocks

* Sensory Therapy Blocks

* Dietitian Consultations

* Speech Pathology Blocks