Helping your Child Read and Write

Learning to read and write is hard. Often literacy instruction at school can be quite fast paced and for children who have learning difficulties, the task of learning these skills can seem almost impossible. We are here to help. With years of experience working in classrooms, we understand the demands placed on children. We also know that children with specific learning difficulties need to be taught to read and write in a simple, supported and systematic way. At OSAH we provide personalised explicit teaching of reading and writing skills in a fun and supportive environment, where your child can experience success right from their first language. We offer literacy tuition for all ability levels, from pre-readers to those wanting to extend their comprehension of more complex texts.

Who needs Literacy support?

 Your child may require literacy support if they have difficulty in one or more the following areas:
  • Learning sounds and letter names
  • Difficulty sounding out words and /or learning sight words
  • Reading difficulties
  • Spelling difficulties
  • Poor comprehension of what is read
  • Frustration and avoidance of reading
  • Needs assistance with study skills