Keeping up with classroom expectations

Starting School is a big step for everyone (children and parents alike). It is a big change of lifestyle and expectations.
Children often cope well in their home and preschool environments and then when they get to school – they might start to have difficulties.

They are expected to sit and attend for most of the day and follow structure and rules. They will need to be able to hold the pencil well, trace, draw, write, cut, colour etc. Their skills in these areas are expected to develop quickly when they start school and some children simply cannot keep up due to a variety of different reasons. Teachers often work closely with the students to build their capacity to participate but some times they will need that extra bit of help from an OT.

Organisation of their belongings, gross motor skills, midline crossing ability, general classroom participation can all be developed by an OT.

As children progress through their primary years – the expectations keep increasing! Some children are able to keep up with their peers during Early stage 1 and stage 1 (K-2) but begin to fall behind in stage 2 or 3 (3-6). These children often have underlying concerns that they can disguise well in the younger years and they can no longer hide them when the expectations keep growing.

Occupational Therapy can help all of these children and the earlier you come to see us the faster and more effective the therapy will be.

Check out the developmental checklist on the School Age Checklist page for skills that your child should be developing at this age.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, please contact us. We are here to help!