Helping Children get ready for School

Occupational Therapy is highly effective for children of preschool age. Sessions will be individualised based on your child’s specific need as well as your priorities.

Children learn best through play, so most of the sessions will be based around play and keeping your child’s interest while learning vital skills. Here at OSAH we pride ourselves on working alongside your child’s preschool as well as with yourself (the parent). Getting a child ready to make the big transition to Kindergarten can be a long and stressful time especially when they are having trouble with fine motor skills, sensory regulation, co-ordination or gross motor skills. We try to make it the easiest process we can for you and your child, by knowing school expectations, Kindergarten Curriculum, and having extensive amounts of work in schools ourselves.

A big part of sessions with children at this age also involves you, the parent. You will be involved in setting goals for your child and will work with the therapist to develop easy and effective strategies to help your child at home.

Check out the developmental checklist on the Preschoolers page for skills that your child should be developing at this age.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, please contact us. We are here to help!