The TLLT Difference

Secondary school and young adulthood can be a challenging time for people with communication, literacy and learning difficulties. The social, academic and language demands of secondary school can pose many new and extremely challenging situation – at TLLT unlike many Clinics we work in a number of local secondary schools through our “sister” program Educational Speech Pathology & Therapy Services which places us in a unique position to truly support your needs. We understand the transition to High school, to the work force and daily life of the older student.

  • literacy
  • communication skills
  • learning difficulties
  • transition to work/higher education
  • collaboration with schools
  • new arrivals & refugee support
  • counselling support
  • accent reduction


Speech Pathology for Secondary School & Young Adults

How does a speech pathologist assess my child’s skills ?

Occupational Therapy for Secondary School & Young Adults

How does an occupational therapist assess my child’s skills ?

Psychology Support For Secondary School & Young Adults

How does an psychologist assess my child’s skills ?

Helpful information

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