Setting Down the Foundations for School

This is the most common age group seen by a Speech Pathologist and perhaps one of the most important. If a child enters school with a speech or language difficulty, it can impact on their learning, particularly in learning to read and write. Speech therapy is therefore very important at this age to help eliminate any potential learning barriers before a child starts school.

At this age, Speech therapists work with children who are having difficulty learning new words, making sentences, understanding instructions or pronouncing sounds correctly. We also see children who have social difficulties, have a stutter or even a hoarse voice. Pretty much, if there anything that is impairing a child’s ability to communicate with others, we are here to help.

Speech Therapy at this age typically begins with an assessment, to identify strengths and set goals for improvement. Therapy sessions are usually made up of a combination of play based interventions and more structured ‘table-time’ activities. Sessions are FUN and children will look forward to coming each week. At the conclusion of the session, the Speech Pathologist will give you tasks to complete at home to help boost your child’s progress.

Check out the developmental checklist on the preschoolers page for skills that your child should be developing at this age.

If you are concerned about your child’s communication, please contact us. We are here to help!