Helping you with your communication needs

A Speech Pathologist is a communication expert. The experienced Speech Pathologists at OSAH have been trained in the latest evidence based speech, language and fluency therapy techniques to bring you or your child fast and effective results.

At OSAH, we pride ourselves in having strong  backgrounds, working in classrooms from Preschool to High school. This means we have  an excellent understanding of the speech and language demands of all settings and can hence ensure our therapy services set children up for success at school and in life.

Who needs Speech Therapy?

Speech Pathology may be needed if your child is exhibiting any of the following…

  • Late talkers– children who have not started to talk by 2 years of age
  • Communication difficulties – unable to express wants and needs in a functional way, frustration with not being able to understand or respond to other people.
  • Articulation– difficulty pronouncing sounds correctly
  • Receptive Language– difficulty understanding language e.g. following instructions, understanding sentences and answering questions
  • Expressive Language– using short sentences for their age, difficulties with grammar, using a variety of words, retelling stories, or writing stories.
  • Fluency (i.e. stuttering)- repeating sounds, syllables , words or phrases
  • Voice– a child may have a hoarse, soft, loud, high or low pitched voice
  • Social language skills– difficulties turn-taking, maintaining eye contact, following conversational rules, changing language according to the listener or situation.
  • Learning and literacy difficulties– oral language problems are often the root cause of many forms of learning and literacy difficulties.

Children may also be considered ‘at risk’ of a speech or language problem  if they have a hearing impairment, suspected global or developmental delay, early feeding difficulties, a family history of communication or learning difficulties