Sue Wilks

Practice Manager

Sue is the Manager of One Stop Allied Health and Medical Centre, in Moorebank NSW. She is also the owner and manager of Allied Health Partnerships.

Sue is a qualified Speech Pathologist with over 25 years’ experience working with students and in both primary and secondary school settings. Sue is an active member of Rotary (Miranda Branch) and instigator of the the Rotary “Language and Literacy- Indigenous support project 2012” (Speechies to Darwin”)

Sue has extensive experience in schools across Sydney, rural NSW and Darwin. She has been a Clinical Educator for the Discipline of Speech Pathology, University of Sydney since 1989, regularly lecturing in both undergraduate and post graduate speech pathology and teacher education.

“The clinical education aspect of our work in schools is a win-win situation; Schools benefit from the additional support, enthusiasm and training of the student speech pathologist and the speech pathologists benefit enormously from the expertise of teachers and the opportunity to work with children within their educational settings thus children, schools and future speech pathologists benefit from this model of service.”

School is huge part of a child’s life. It is where they learn and where they socialise. Teachers teach through language and about language. Children make friends, socialise and develop through communication. Impairments in communication, whether they be problems with speech clarity, understanding and using spoken or written language or the social communication aspects of language greatly affect all aspects of a child’s life at school including social and behavioural development.

Everyone should have the opportunity to access effective, affordable support for their child. I hope that through AHP’s involvement in schools and with the opening of One Stop Allied Health and Medical Centre, we are one step closer to achieving this dream.

B.App.Sc. (Speech Pathology) MSPA
One Stop Allied Health & Medical Centre

  • Speech Pathologist
  • Practice Owner & Manager
  • Gold level Clinical Educator University of Sydney
  • 2011 Associate Lecturer Sydney University
  • 2010 University of Sydney Inaugural Alumni Award, Clinical Education
  • 2009 Frank Chapman Vocational Service Award Miranda Branch Rotary International
  • 2000 Deidre Russell award for contributions to speech pathology and the wider community