Bhargavi (Bee) Nirmal

Bhargavi is a qualified Speech Pathologist who works full time with Educational Speech Pathology & Therapy Services. She has a passion for working with children and has developed particular interest in withdrawal groups in preparation for high school readiness.

Bhargavi was first exposed to Educational Speech Pathology on a university placement at Greenacre Public school. She believes in the philosophy of the Educational Speech Pathology & Therapy Services practice; awareness, advocacy and access to Speech Pathology for disadvantaged families without cost to them. Bhargavi is back at Greenacre Public and her passion lies with building sustainable projects. She is currently working on an initiative to train qualified teachers aides in schools around South West Sydney.

Bhargavi is a clinical educator for the University of Sydney from 2012. She is commonly known by staff and students as Bee and is continually asked by populations under 6 if her house is a hive. Her role includes small groups to whole class service delivery, including paediatric assessment and intervention.

B App. Sci. (Speech Pathology)

Senior Speech Pathologist
One Stop Allied Health Clinician